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Find Loft-Studio Real Estate For Sale or Lease

Lofts and studios can be found in residential and commercial properties. A loft describes an individual unit in a multi-story complex where the street level is rented out by a commercial business. There are four types of lofts: hard lofts, soft lofts, residential lofts, and work and live lofts.

Hard lofts are converted residential units. Soft lofts, on the other hand, are newly built units with modern or industrial features. They are built with the same urban, older, industrial aesthetic found in hard lofts. Residential lofts are units that are strictly for residential purposes. They can be compact or spacious in size. Work and live lofts are designed for owners or tenants whose business and dwelling share the same space. These are commonly found in urban areas.

Lofts are contemporary-styled units, generally located in downtown urban areas. Common features of lofts are high ceilings, an open floor plan and aesthetic and exposed structural elements. These are often piping, ducts and exposed brick. Other common features include large windows, cement or hardwood floors, metal fixtures, stairs, and handrails. Overall, they tend to feel very industrial.

Studios are compact residential units that are sometimes confused with one-bedroom living units. The main difference between a studio-style unit and a one-bedroom unit is that a one-bedroom unit has a separate bedroom.

A studio describes a self-contained living unit. Studio-style units can be found in small multi-family properties, as well as large apartment and condo complexes. Studio units are usually no more than 600sqft, though it is also common to find units that are half this size.

In a studio, all your dwelling activities, including cooking, eating, sleeping, working, and hanging out happen in the same room! Contrarily, a one-bedroom unit creates more space and separation for dwelling activities. Studio style units are best suited for people who do not need a lot of space, don’t have a lot of belongings, or who want only a small amount of property to maintain. Studios are great for college students, retirees and seniors, people with limited abilities and minimalists.

Since studios are the smallest living units available, you should expect to see lower rental and purchase prices across the market. When debating whether or not you want a studio versus a one-bedroom, ask yourself; how much more are you willing to spend for a separate bedroom? Is a separate bedroom something you really need or want?

A small studio can fit easily into the busy city, making it a desirable unit for those who want to be close to commercial centers. Additionally, availability for a larger unit may be more limited in busy areas. If you desire a unit with a separate bedroom, you may have to move farther from whatever city location you are interested in.

Finding a loft-studio for sale can be a great investment. Whether purchasing a multi-family complex, or purchasing just one unit, lofts tend to have a high return on investment. They are very trendy and valuable, so they are often sought out by tenants.

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