RealtyZapp Promises

  1. ALWAYS FREE TO SEARCH ALL LISTINGS. We’ll never charge to search our listings. That only limits your exposure, and our primary goal is maximizing your listing’s reach.
  2. Once you become a RealtyZapp Member, your rate will remain constant. We value your loyalty, and for as long as your subscription is active, your rate will not increase. If you leave for any reason, rates may increase over time, but once you return, you can be confident that annual increases are not part of our business plan.
  3. We won't hold you hostage. You may cancel your membership anytime. Subscription Terms are three month periods, but there are no auto-renewal gimmicks to force your hand. We’re here to help, not to hold you hostage.
  4. It's your data. Since our site will always be free to search, your data is accessible at any time and most importantly, YOU OWN IT. Brochures, photos or any other attachments are yours to add, remove and update.
  5. We will never put investor’s interests above that of our members. You are our primary concern, and your results are what matters most to us. A constant reinvestment in our platform that serves you, and in the communities we serve are our main priority. And we welcome feedback on how to improve in every area.
  6. We will never solicit the clients of our broker constituents. While individuals may market their own properties, we believe that brokers play an important role in all real estate transactions, providing valuable insight and market knowledge to their clients, and we would never attempt to undermine that relationship.
  7. We won't sell your contact information to a third party. We value our clients’ privacy and recognize that the relationships we build are founded on trust and mutual respect, as are yours. Therefore we closely guard client data and e-mail lists to ensure our members are completely at ease with the information shared with us.
  8. We have no plans of becoming another behemoth that puts profits above promises, and with that being the cornerstone of our mission, will never sell to a company that would alter these promises.

Giving Back?

For too long, Wall-Street has dictated to brokers the terms under which they can market their properties. Take back control of your marketing and your budget while helping those who have served in your communities at the same time.

Next Mission

Our “Next Mission” initiative helps those who have served our country by offering a new career in real estate if they wish to explore one, helping them become financially independent. Whether they wish to be an appraiser, an agent or broker, an investor or a photographer/videographer, we will help to fund their education and licensing to that end, and give them a free year on our site to help them get started. Please let us know of a veteran in need in your community and we will do our best to help them succeed.


Let your friends and colleagues know about our marketing platform, and earn free upgrades. We would like to encourage you to be the voice in your community that there is a new, more comprehensive solution in town, and we believe in rewarding the early adopters who help spread the good word.