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Find Duplex Real Estate For Sale or Lease

A duplex is a type of multi-family property and is owned by one person, oftentimes an investor. Duplexes grant owners residential and investment flexibility. Owners can live in one unit while renting out the other unit. They can also rent out both units and live elsewhere if they prefer. Oftentimes the owner will live in one unit while using the other unit as housing for extended family members, like parents or in-laws.

Duplexes are attractive investments for beginner real estate investors. This is because they have less risk and complexity than other property types. The benefits of investing in duplex properties include a smaller lower price, as compared to single-family homes and large apartment complexes. There can also be more steady rent cash flow and tax benefits.

Investors may enjoy living in a duplex because it can be very similar to living in a single-family home. Living in a duplex may be the most similar experience one can get to living in a house. Compared to apartments and condos, duplexes provide a similar experience to living in a single-family home. This is because there are fewer residents around your unit. In fact, there is only one other unit next to yours. Additionally, duplex units have two separate entrances for each unit.

Considerations for investing in a duplex are similar to multi-family investment strategies. If you want to invest in a duplex, consider the following. Is the duplex’s structure practical and does it look high-quality? If you were renting it, would you be happy to live there? Are there renovation or repair costs that will arise? Does the duplex have amenities that are attractive to potential tenants? If you are going to live there, does the duplex have amenities that are attractive to you and your family?

Also consider whether the duplex is located in a great area that you or renters would like to live in. Are there any major attractions nearby that will make your property more desirable? Examples include large employers, healthcare facilities, grocery stores, transportation, etc.

Managing a property can be difficult, and it may not be for everyone. Do you have enough time to be a duplex landlord? You will need to manage finances, as well as manage repairs for your tenants. Additionally, you will need to stay up to date on landlord laws. If you do not think you have enough time to be a duplex landlord, we recommend hiring a property manager.

Duplexes can be great investments with a steady cash flow. However, you may lose some money if you have vacant duplex units. Serious duplex investors should do a cash flow analysis of the properties they want to invest in with a plan if the units are vacant.

Lastly, do not confuse duplexes with twin homes or townhouses. Twin homes and townhouses may be attached or detached like duplexes, but the two are different from a duplex. Twin homes and townhomes are each single-family residences that are owned by separate homeowners. A duplex consists of two residential units that are collectively owned by one person. This is important to know if you are planning on investing in one of these real estate properties.

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