Joe Desiderio

Sales Associate
Bridgeway Commercial Realty, LLC

While circling the globe for Carrier Corporation – buying, selling, and leasing commercial properties – Joe Desiderio joined forces with the leading real-estate experts in distant markets. Now the tables are turned: Joe, a lifelong Central New York resident, is scouting the local real estate scene and alerting local, national and international clients to promising commercial properties.

Joe’s 30-year corporate career also included a key post in Carrier’s industrial purchasing division, where he learned to assess building maintenance needs, negotiate high-volume purchases, and build consensus among local and corporate players. “I thrive on the people piece,” Joe says. “I have always moved comfortably among executives and managers, customers and vendors. Today, we all spend a crazy amount of time online. But I still love face-to-face interaction, problem solving, persuasion and negotiation — all of which come into play with commercial real estate.”

Joe began to invest in real estate at age 18, when he purchased his first rental property. He has continually expanded his portfolio, personally negotiating his own real estate transactions and managing his own properties.

A recent addition to the Bridgeway team, Joe has already scored exciting listings, including the iconic Hafner’s Red Barn in North Syracuse. “It’s a 10-acre property on Buckley Road, adjacent to a medical center that draws 20,000 people a week,” he explains. “In my Carrier years, I developed a keen eye for property potential. I love working on the vision piece – locating the property, exploring its potential, and reaching out to companies with growth in mind.”

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