Dean Robertson

KW Commercial | Bartlesville

Dean exemplifies hard work, honesty, energy and due diligence for every real estate transaction. Dean has grown up and worked with people in the Bartlesville, Dewey and the surrounding areas since the 1980's. Dean started out at the age of 8 bungee cording automotive parts to his banana seat bicycle and delivering them to the family business. A driven individual with a strict work ethic are key components in business. Working with hundreds of companies and thousands of people over the last 37 years has enabled Dean to make the leap from automotive to Real Estate. Both are founded on serving clients. On the Real Estate side, it is about bringing peace of mind to both Buyers and Sellers. Dean is a family man with a beautiful wife, two sons, grandchildren and a Staffordshire Terrier Mix named Delilah. With a little age, Dean still enjoys the athletic side of life. These days he has traded his mountain bike and snow ski boots for a simpler Townie Cruiser Bike. Dean has a love for coffee shops, old movies and books. Dean’s years in business, seminars/courses and leadership committees have afforded a priceless education. This experience gives insight to see situations before they become a problem. Dean believes a leader’s role is a continuous loop of communication in all facets of a transaction. A life in business is about ". . .doing what is right and just and fair.” (Proverbs 1:3)

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